We offer a variety of high-quality trainings to improve knowledge and skills of individuals about key topics in human trafficking and exploitation. We also offer strategic capacity-building courses to give organizational leaders the skills to design effective programs and operate effectively.

Trainings can be designed to meet the needs of your organization. Contact for details.

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Course on Excellence in Anti-Human Trafficking Response - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Freedom Resource International is offering a multi-course certificate program on “Excellence in Anti-Trafficking Response.” This program was created for professionals who are seeking to improve the effectiveness of their work.
The program brings together cutting-edge knowledge from anti-trafficking experts in Thailand and beyond. Based on popular university-level courses, it is being offered for the first time ever to practitioners in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 
Benefits of this program include:

  • more than 40 hours of training led by experts
  • tools and information for best practices in addressing human trafficking
  • interactive learning that transforms existing knowledge into greater effectiveness
  • networking with other organizations for maximum impact
  • university-level education at a certificate-level price

Module 1: “Dynamics of Trafficking and Exploitation” (August 2018) Participants will explore core dynamics of trafficking/exploitation (e.g. migration, citizenship, human rights, cultural practices, laws), begin to examine considerations for effective response, and apply what they have learned to increase the success of their own programs.

Module 2: “Responding to Trafficking and Exploitation” (August/September 2018) Participants will deepen their understanding of the nature of trafficking/exploitation, including current real-life cases and emerging trends. Participants will also more deeply explore how best to respond to trafficking and exploitation by examining considerations for effective responses, identifying existing resources and gaps in response, and evaluating how their organization can increase the effectiveness of their programs.

Module 3 and following: “Excellence in Response” (September 2018 - April/May 2019) Participants will engage with principles and tools of community development, program development, organizational development, and leadership development essential for effective responses to trafficking and exploitation, and apply what they have learned to improve the success their own projects/programs as well as innovate more strategic responses.

Course modules will take place throughout 2018-2019. Topics include: Components of a Successful Response, Overcoming Challenges in Responding, Understanding and Addressing Vulnerability and Resiliency, and more!

Registration for each module is limited to 20 participants. Completion of Modules 1 and 2 is required for attending Module 3. Registration fee includes training, materials, coffee breaks, and lunch. Multi-course and multi-participant packages are available for a discounted price. At this time, the course is only offered in English. We hope to provide courses in Thai in the future. For more information contact

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This course is currently only available in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Future trainings are being planned in California, Washington State, Kenya, and Uganda. Contact us if you are interested in hosting a training in your location. 

An online version is also in development. Contact us if you would like to support this important work.


Improve the effectiveness of your workers and the impact of your organization though high-quality training courses offered in partnership with experts.

Trainings include: 

  • Understanding Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation, and Human Trafficking
  • Human Trafficking: Definitions, Situation Analysis, and Planning a Response
  • Community Mapping to Counteract Human Trafficking
  • Using Anti-Trafficking Law for Prevention
  • Holding Esther Caregiver Training for Oral Learners


Want to learn more, go deeper? These 40-hour certificate courses are designed for practitioners who are looking for a greater mastery of theory and practice but do not want a full academic degree or program of study. Offerings include individual courses as well as comprehensive programs.

40-Hour Certificate Courses include:

  • Excellence in Anti-Trafficking Response (details)
  • Designing a Holistic Response to Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking
  • Hands that Heal: International Curriculum to Train Caregivers of Trafficking Survivors
  • Organizational Development for Non Profits
  • Social Entrepreneurship


Degree-level courses include

  • Exclusion and Exploitation in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GO ED. Mekong, Undergraduate Study Abroad Course)
  • Ministry to Sexually Exploited Children (Fuller School of Intercultural Studies, Master's Level Course)
  • Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Southeast Asia (Payap/ISDSI, Undergraduate Study Abroad Course) (Coming Soon!)
  • Exploration, Evaluation, and Enhancement of Human Trafficking Responses (GO ED.) (Advanced level field-based transformative education for experienced practitioners) (Coming Soon!)


Online courses bring training to wherever YOU are!

Courses include:

  • Holding Esther Caregiver Training for Oral Learners (RiverCross/Christa Foster Crawford, J.D.) (practitioner-training level, online audio training)    
  • Ministry to Trafficked and Sexually Exploited Children (Fuller, School of Intercultural Studies /Christa Foster Crawford, J.D.) (Master’s level online course) 
  • Mentoring Webinar (Freedom Collaborative/Social Action Resource Network/Christa Foster Crawford, J.D.)
  • Certificate Program on “Excellence in Anti-Trafficking Response" (Online version in development)

Currently the main course offered online is a graduate course and only open to enrolled students at Fuller School of Intercultural Studies.

Glenn Miles and Christa Foster Crawford are developing a new online training course for practitioners. 

**We invite strategic partners to fund development and operation of online course offerings that will be accessible to the entire anti-trafficking community**