There’s the old saying about not reinventing the wheel. But many busy practitioners have no choice. For them everything is the first time. If there were others to show the way, they likely wouldn’t be needed in the first place.

Often we learn about resources by happenstance. But traffickers don’t get their resources by accident, or on a hope and a prayer. They are strategic in getting the resources they need to exploit people. How much more so should we be strategic in knowing about and maximizing resources for freedom!

Freedom Resource International connects organizations to the vital resources they need to end exploitation. 




Freedom Resource International books and resources include

  • Finding Our Way through the Traffick (Regnum 2017) (purchase)
  • Stopping the Traffick (Regnum 2014) (purchase)
  • Celebrating Children Book and Training Curriculum (learn) (purchase)
  • Holding Esther: Caregiver Training for Oral Learners (RiverCross) (listen)
  • So You Want to Rescue Child Sex Slaves? What You Need to Know BEFORE You Begin (purchase)
  • Resource Guide to International and Regional Legal Instruments, Political Commitments and Recommended Practices (United Nations 2003) (link)
  • and many more!    


These strategic websites link organizations to 1000s of resources to equip the anti-trafficking response. This is not an exhaustive list of resources, but a good place to start. Contact us if you know of others.

Freedom Collaborative (link)

Trafficking Resource Connection (link)

Resources by Glenn Miles (link)

UN-ACT (link)

... and many more (Coming Soon)