Improve the effectiveness of your workers and the impact of your organization through high-quality training courses offered in partnership with experts.

Trainings can be designed to meet the needs of your organization. Faith-based and non-faith-based content is available. 

Contact us for details.

** Financial partners who are interested in commissioning a training for their organization or in sponsoring trainings for the anti-trafficking community are encouraged to contact us for details **

Past, current and future trainings for practitioners include:

  • First Do No Harm: Maximizing Short-Term Impact and Minimizing Unintentional Harm (GO ED./Payap Centre for Social Enterprise) (instruction and supervision for short- and long-term volunteers)
  • Holding Esther Caregiver Training for Oral Learners (RiverCross/Freedom Resource International)
  • Hands that Heal: International Curriculum to Train Caregivers of Trafficking Survivors (Community Version and Short Course Version) (FAAST) 
  • Understanding Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking (Freedom Resource International)
  • Anti-Human Trafficking Training: Definitions, Situation Analysis and Planning a Response (Freedom Resource International)
  • Community Mapping to Counteract Human Trafficking (Freedom Resource International)
  • Trend Analysis in Human Trafficking (Freedom Resource International)
  • Using Anti-Trafficking Law for Prevention (Freedom Resource International)
  • Legal Framework of Anti-Human Trafficking (Freedom Resource International)
  • Responding to Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking (Freedom Resource International)
  • Holistic Effects of Sexual Exploitation (Freedom Resource International)
  • Bringing Healing to Traumatized Children (SIL)
  • Trauma & Crisis Care: Healing and Hope for Children in Crisis (CCTI)
  • Risk and Resilience (Celebrating Children)
  • Holistic Mission with Children (Celebrating Children)
  • Working with Children: Practical Issues (Celebrating Children)
  • Child Protection for Organizations (Save the Children)
  • Child Protection (Celebrating Children)
  • Understanding the Child in Context (Celebrating Children)
  • Listening to Children and Child Participation (Celebrating Children)
  • Development, Evaluation and Monitoring of Programs (Celebrating Children)
  • Caring for Self and Staff (Celebrating Children)
  • Feminist Legal Theory and Practice (Asia Pacific Women, Law and Development)
  • Self Defense Program for Migrant Women and Girls (Freedom Resource International)
  • A Good Boy (pedophilia) (training of trainers) (Stairway Foundation)
  • Daughter (child sexual abuse) (training of trainers) (Stairway Foundation)
  • Red Leaves Falling (trafficking, prostitution, pornography) (training of trainers) (Stairway Foundation)
  • Good Touch/Bad Touch (child sexual abuse and exploitation) (training of trainers) (Chab Dai/Love 146)
  • Youth Against Pornography (training of trainers) (Chab Dai)