Strategic Impact

Innovating and encouraging best practices through research and evidence-based practice, hosting of think tanks and symposia, publication of cutting-edge ideas in academic journals and also practitioner-friendly communication forms so that as new ideas emerge and are tested, proven ideas can be disseminated and mainstreamed to the freedom community so that the entire movement is changed.


Philosophical framework: practice and policy

Grassroots organizations are busy doing good. But good intentions are not good enough. They must also be informed by best practice from policy actors and academia. At the same time, macro-level influencers must be informed by the expertise gained only by working on the ground. These are two worlds that need each other, but don't know how to talk or hear one another. 

Freedom Resource International bridges the worlds of theory, policy, and practice to produce better NGO programming and targeted advocacy. *link to youtube video*


researcH and evidence-based practice

It's not enough to just train organizations in current best practices. We must come up with next-generation solutions based on research and evidence-based practice


think tankS/symposia 

Gathering thought leaders (practitioners, academics, and policy makers) together to analyze problems and envision new solutions for greater effectiveness 


strategic communications

Creating academic journals, practitioner briefings, and other resources to communicate ____ to both the grassroots and the policy/academic communities. [SEE CSI MATERIALS]





strategic partners - research

Centre for Social Impact 

Institute for Religion, Culture and Peace

Freedom Business Association