Expert Advice


None of us want to reinvent the wheel or make the same mistakes others have made again and again. And yet we often don't even know what we don't know, or where to go for help.

Freedom Resource International advises organizations of all sizes - from the smallest grassroots community organization to the largest international NGOs, governmental agencies, and UN bodies - in all aspects of effective practice and policy. Our scaled-fee structure ensures that even small organizations can afford advice that will help them avoid costly mistakes.



We offer a comprehensive array of consulting services, from informal advice to commissioned services. No need is too big or too small. Freedom Resource International exists to help you deepen your local effectiveness by connecting you to the breadth of global expertise. 



What is the situation of trafficking? How do we separate myths from realities? How do we evaluate trends, discarding outdated modalities to identify emerging directions?

Our briefings help organizations understand the practical realities and conceptual frameworks needed to formulate effective solutions to complex problems, of which trafficking and exploitation is only the fruit. 

We work with long-established governmental and non-governmental organizations to forecast future programming priorities, as well as with indivudials and organizations who are just getting started to help them discover where their skills and competencies can make the greatest impact. 



We create resources to empower the anti-trafficking response. From cutting-edge curriculum to innovative child-protection tools, we help you to create the resources you need to end exploitation. 

Past projects include: 

  • Good Touch Bad Touch
  • Celebrating Children
  • Holding Esther: Caregiver Training for Oral Learners
  • and Much Much More


Organizations can’t effectively end exploitation if they don’t work effectively. 

Our team of experts can help your organization advance to the next level in all areas of organizational and leadership development including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational development
  • Organizational cycles and change
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Conflict resolution
  • Succession planning
  • and much more


Often the organizations that most need expert advice are the ones that can least afford it. We rely on financial partners and paid clients to support services to small national and other grassroots organizations. Contact us for details.